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IPL Photo Facial

IPL Photo Facial clears the skin of brown spots such as age spots, sun spots, post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. It also clears the skin of fine capillaries and helps clear the skin of diffused redness in the skin.


In most cases you will require 2-3 sessions to get to your desired result. 

Pre & Post Care

Woman receiving Lightstim treatment on cheek with sunglasses, by esthetician in white gloves

Pre Care before your appointment. 

Before your IPL treatment


1. NO direct sun exposure, tanning beds or self tanners or spray tan for up to 4 weeks before your treatment.

2. If possible, please do not wear makeup to your treatment.

3. Avoid any irritants to your skin, such as any products containing Retin-A, retinol, benzoyl peroxide, glycolic/salicylic acids, astringents or Vitamin C for one week before your treatment.

4. Do not wax or use a depilatory on treatment areas for one week prior to your treatment.

5. Before each treatment, please inform us if you are taking any new antibiotics or medications as they may make your skin photosensitive and therefore we may not be able to treat you for one to two weeks after completion of the medication.

6. Please inform our staff if you have a history of cold sores, or have a cold sore for pre-treatment.


After your IPL treatment


1. Following treatment your skin may feel like it has slight sunburn. You may experience erythema (redness), edema (swelling), and some discomfort of the treated areas for several hours or up to 3 days post-treatment.

2. You may experience some purpura (purpleish spots or patches) in treated areas, which would be expected to resolve within several days.

3. If you experience itching after treatment, you may use over the counter topical hydrocortisone cream.

4. Should swelling occur, application of an ice pack (10 minutes on, 10 minutes off) multiple times in the first 24 hours will help minimize the swelling.

5. Apply a gentle moisturizer immediately after treatment. Use a mild cleanser (such as Cetephil) and a mild moisturizer after the treatment for a few days before resuming your normal skin routine.

6. Avoid any irritants to your skin, such as any products containing Retin-A, retinol, benzoyl peroxide, glycolic & salicylic acids, astringents or Vitamin C for one week after your treatment.

7. *Avoid sun exposure to the treated area as you can cause a burn. Use a broad spectrum of sunblock of at least SPF 30 or higher.

8. If desired, you may use makeup on the treated area, as long as the skin is not broken, blistered, or irritated. If you do not need makeup for the evening or treatment, wait until the next morning.

9. Avoid hot baths or showers, aerobic exercise, massage, harsh cleansers, or chemicals on the treated area for 48 hours following treatment.

10. Do not wax, tweeze or use a depilatory to the treated areas for 1 week after your treatment.

11. Treated lentigines (sun/age spots) usually darken after treatment and crusting begins to form within a few days. This crusting usually resolves in 1 to 3 weeks. It should be allowed to naturally flake off.

12. If significant crusting occurs beyond the normal flaking of the treated lesions, an antibiotic ointment such as Polysporin or Bacitracin may be recommended.

13. We recommend you avoid air travel for 24 hours after your treatment.

14. Care should be taken to prevent trauma to the treated area for the first four or five days following treatment.

15. Rarely, a small blister or scab may form. If this occurs, call me immediately, then perform gentle washing and apply antibiotic ointment (Bactracin, Polysporin, ect.) to the area unless you are allergic to these medications. Avoid sun exposure. Allow healing naturally, without irritation. Do not try to remove any scabbing.

Cost of Treatments:

Brown spots is a full face treatment: $395

Brown spots face and neck: $495

Brown spots chest: $395

Reds (veins) spot treatment: $200

Reds neck: $150

Reds face and neck: $250

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